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We support projects which serve the protection and the climatic improvement and thus contribute to the preservation of the planet.

Environmental protection has in these days a status of increased significance.

Due to the growth of population and development of more and more technology the biophysical environment is being degraded.

This has been recognized and governments began in the 60's placing restraints on activities that caused environmental degradation.

Nowadays we can recognize a faster environmental damage but at the end we do not spend enough efforts to prevent any kind of environmental damage.

For a consciousness of the need for a clean environment barely there is only some time.

Protection of the environment is needed from various views:

  • Climate change
  • Rising sea levels
  • Waste contamination
  • Pollution
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Endangered and introduction of invasive species
  • Release of genetically modified organisms and new toxics

These all are reasons and an impulses to develop concepts in which we try to minimize the harmful influence of humans on our environment!

Projects specifically mentioned:

H2 Energy park
Clean Waste-to-Energy

H2 Energy park

We call this project environmental damage prevention or independent and ecological energy park for an environment friendly combustion of waste with hydrogen as source of energy. We have to understand that there is not life in the future without an active environmental protection. 

The earth is not a dumping ground.


Supporting solutions like atmospheres engineering


Climate engineering refers to technical measures to influence our climate system. In our R&D, we mainly refer to the part of atmospheric engineering, as we can directly influence this. Of course, combating the main cause of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) also plays a major role in our considerations. There is no doubt that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere must be massively reduced. Biological, chemical and physical processes are available, all of which are still in the development phase.

Let´s protect our blue planet

Our approach of atmospheric engineering is to contribute to the reduction of radiation in the atmosphere in order to directly influence the temperature. In our opinion, approaches with sulphur dioxide and other substances are not suitable in their pure form, as the side effects are incalculable. So we need to develop substances that meet our requirements, which are above all environmentally friendly. We are on the right track here.

Ethical, legal, political, religious and economic aspects must be in harmony and so this R&D project is a cross-disciplinary project with high significance for present and future generations.

YouTube Video:
Climate Energy Challenge - 4.9 - Possible Sources of Carbon for the PETM

About 55.5 million years ago, a 200,000 year long extreme warming phase took place. It is called the "Paleozoic/Eocene Temperature Maximum" (PETM). The global rise in temperature averaged 6 degrees Celsius within about 4,000 years. The consequences were catastrophic and led to acidification of the oceans and enormous animal deaths. This video report that we are very close to the carbon emission rates of PETM. Before humans began burning large quantities of fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide content was stable again for many thousands of years. The current rise in atmospheric temperature is therefore due solely to human activity.

Project presentations
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Project presentations
Projects.pdf (10.96MB)